We're here to help guide you with connecting your

physical, emotional, & community well-being.

We are here to ignite your torch.

We're here to help guide you with connecting yourphysical, emotional, & community well-being.

What If You Just Needed A Little Spark?

What if you just needed a little spark?

A spark that ignites your connection.

Connection to your body, to your mind, and to life itself.

That’s why we started Well Connected.

Well Connected unites the 3 primary aspects of your being.

Your physical health…

Your emotional health…

And Your community…

Well Connected is about helping you discover ways to illuminate your wellbeing.

Firing up your health from within.

Igniting clarity of thought.

And creating a community to spark your burning desires.

Shining a light on your best body, mind and life through self-development is our superpower. Well Connected helps you rise above the ashes.

You are the reason we are who we are and do what we do.

After 25 years together as partners in marriage, family & business, we decided to share our best self-care goodies with others. That was 12 years ago.

Gratitude and Joy played such a big part in our lives, and WELL CONNECTED is our way of bringing people together for better. And for good.

Life CAN be easier.

Positive daily experiences in three key areas make this possible.

body. mind. life.

Sharing our best tool feels good to us.

We hope you find joy and abundance here.

Let us Light Your Torch


well connected

Welcome to the place where Wellness & Connection meet.

We integrated our three favorite interests, body, mind & life, here for YOU:

7 years ago, we were blessed by a foundational wellness tool from Germany. We spend most of our time sharing it with others, and supporting our happy customers and enthusiastic team.

The Road Ahead Cafe Community (TRAC) grew out of our hit podcast and provides Solopreneurs with a Roadside Pitstop to Refuel & Retool. A place to ease your tired mind.

Experience the life-saving power of connection inside our magical self-development tribe. If you're looking for a way to leave a legacy beyond the business, this just may be your jam.

Improve Your Life. Yes, Today.

You are just one person away from changing your life.

You can improve your physical health, your mental health and your business health, with just one call to us. Contact Carol & Rick right now. Maybe one of us can be that person for You.

Yes, Your (Best) Life Depends On It.

Get Some "Insurance" Against Health Issues, Isolation & Economic Downturns

Body Insurance

Mind Insurance

Life Insurance


Real People + Real Gratitude = Real Results

Well Connected Changes Lives

Liz Gabor, MSW

Transformational Coach

Chattahoochee Hills, GA

How lucky am I to have Carol & Rick to walk alongside me in this life. All their goodies help support my best life every day. I love my BEMER, and I love Team Gabrielly!

Michael Gabriel, MD


Brooklyn, NY

As a busy Doctor, I need people to give me reliable, caring support. Since meeting Carol & Rick about 5 years ago, we've enjoyed THE BEST concierge BEMER Team ever!

Jamie Noeth, DC


Monticello, NY

Where can you change lives and have this much fun? I love my BEMER, and my chiropractic patients love the joyful support they get from Rick, Carol, Aurelia & Allison!

Nicole Cutler, L.Ac., MTCM

Bridge to Health Acupuncture

Poughkeepsie, NY

What can I say? Carol has been such a caring friend, patient and coach for me. Rick does all the things for me both personally as well as professionally. I love my BEMER!

Maria Quezada

Six Diamonds Tree Service

Pawling, NY

Feeling unconditional love and care is hard to find these days. Carol & Rick are great customers, friends. and mentors. I love their support, and I love my BEMER!

Chris Blisko, DC

Bliss Wellness

Poughkeepsie, NY

For over 20 years, I've enjoyed doing life with Carol, Rick and their amazing sons, Alex & Max. As a busy chiropractor, I love the support I get from them. I love my BEMER!

Dana Boulanger

Wellness Publisher

Pawling, NY

As the Publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine, I appreciate BEMER, and I've been blessed with Carol & Rick to guide me personally & professionally! I love my BEMER!

Melissa Mahan

Insurance Advisor

LaGrangeville, NY

Who's luckier than me? I have my very own Wellness Team! Carol & Rick are like family for me and my daughter. I love their ongoing unconditional support, and I love my BEMER!

Karen Trendell

Anchor Payroll Solutions

Yorktown Heights, NY

After my knee replacements, BEMER was THE BEST tool to recover. Carol & Rick totally ROCK. I love the care I get from them. And of course I love, love, love my BEMER!

Got Some Questions? Read These:

Find out if Well Connected can help YOU!

What is Well Connected?

Well Connected is the one place to come when you want a better life. Better physical health and resilience. More emotional strength and stability. A higher purpose for your business journey. Carol & Rick Gabrielly spent 37 years seeking a better way to have more joy every day, finally distilling these 3 keys in their own life. They created Well Connected to share their favorites with you. Maybe they can help you find that same spark. Reach out now.

What is BEMER? (Why Should I Bring BEMER info my life?)

BEMER is about changing the way we think about our health, about challenging our understanding of the human body, and about empowering us to reach optimal physical condition. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health. BEMER stimulates healthy muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance. This stimulation temporarily improves local blood circulation — all in just 8 minutes twice a day! For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. BEMER is an FDA cleared consumer medical device that is non-invasive and easy to use. Learn more today.

What is The Road Ahead Cafe Podcast & Online Community? (Why should I join?)

The path we have chosen, that of the solopreneur is an adventurous and exhilarating one. But it is not without its challenges.

Everything depends upon us; our decisions, actions, trouble-shooting ability.

We give it our all because it's our business, and sometimes we find that we have nothing left over for ourself, for those we care about. So we decided to do something about it. For ourselves, for anyone who feels the same way.

In our daily life it often feels like we're moving at the speed of a race car driver. We can't often see much time to do anything more than we are already doing. But even race car drivers need regular pit stops if they are going to keep going.

The Road Ahead Cafe is designed both as a quick pit stop to level up our life; a five minute pick-me-up whenever needed, and as a program of regular maintenance. We get the shared insights we need instantly, or we choose to hang out a little longer and get connections with people that get us.

We're a small community of folk who each individual and unique, but sharing the same path.

The Road Ahead Cafe is for folk like us who want to try something different from social media, business networking, coaching, self improvement...

The Road Ahead Cafe...something different.

What is Master Networks? (How can this Community support me and my business?)

Relationships. Improvement. Contribution. Accountability. Results.

Real Relationships. Real Networking. Real Business.

Most people think of networking as business card exchanges and transactions. We've all been to luncheons and cocktail hours where we meet people who feign interest in what we do, take our card, then forget about us once we leave.

That changes today.

"There's These Moments In Our Life That Change EVERYTHING" (great video from our Founder, Chas Wilson)

So many networking organizations exist solely to facilitate a transaction between people. Master Networks has a higher purpose. While we do work to help businesses grow, we also strive to go beyond the business, helping members to build relationships, level up, become leaders, and reach their full potential in business and life.

No more stale, boring meetings. No more feeling lost and lonely in business. Master Networks has re-engineered what it means to network. Using a unique combination of energetic meetings, world-class training and a community that has your back, we've changed the future of networking.

"Why We Do What We Do" (meet some of our peeps)

Master Networks' culture of community is made up of the amazing people we attract. Our members seek first to serve before we ever look to receive. And that makes for prosperous relationships that endure over time, producing rewards and fulfillment in business and in life. Come join us.

Who are Carol & Rick Gabrielly? (Why should I walk alongside them?)

Carol and Rick Gabrielly have been helping others feel better and find the best wellness options for over 37 years. Through face-to-face connection, local events and educational programs, they've been able to help families across the globe get healthy and enjoy a simpler life, at home and at work.

With the creation of Well Connected, this power couple, along with their "Team Gabrielly" VIPs, Aurelia Jusyte & Allison Zwicker, are at work every day to bring YOU into a new era of wellness and connection. This Fab Four Family supports our beloved BEMER customer and IBDs, refuels our Solopreneur seekers at The Road Ahead Cafe, and tills the fertile soil for Master Networkers to plant their seeds. "Family Photos" Below.

They've met so many incredible people who have said, "Carol & Rick changed my life," when in reality, it's all these incredible people who've changed theirs. Will you be the next one to "Light Their Torch?"

We Hope So...

Team Gabrielly "Lighting Our Torches

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